General Dentistry

The term general dentistry brings to mind the basic procedures like fillings, extractions, and exams, but a general dentist can also perform cosmetic procedures.

When a patient comes to Oakwood Dental Arts for an initial checkup, he or she can expect a thorough exam.  An Oakwood dentist will examine the teeth, using state of the art dental instruments, take x-rays for a closer look and to use as a future reference.  The results of this exam will serve as a source of comparison if changes in the condition of the mouth occur.  He or she will want to make their determinations based on the findings of their own observations, and test results regardless of the input from a previous dentist’s report.

If an exam discovers that a patient is in need of restorative attention, our dentists will explain the issue to the patient and decide on the best treatment plan.  If a filling is indicated for instance, they will present the various types of materials that could be used – composite resin, porcelain, etc., and help the patient decide which one might be ideal for their particular case.

Another procedure associated with general dentistry is bonding.  Bonding is the process of restoring a chipped, or otherwise damaged tooth, by applying a material that is close enough to the consistency of the original enamel coating of the tooth to cover the flaw successfully.  The bonding can usually be completed in one visit to Oakwood Dental Arts.

Because gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease, a general dentist performing a routine exam may be the first to uncover it.  This could be significant for the patient since if left untreated, gingivitis can rapidly advance to periodontitis, a condition that is much more difficult to treat and could involve surgery.

Chronic halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath is usually the result of poor oral health.  A general dentistry professional can tactfully discuss good dental hygiene habits with his or her patient, so that no one is offended and the patient can learn to prevent any further embarrassment.  Regular brushing, and flossing, along with the use of an antiseptic mouth rinse will usually do the trick.

A comprehensive dental examination can recognize variable disorders of the mouth that are most successfully treated with early detection.  The general dentists at the Oakwood Dental Arts New Jersey location are experienced, and have had the training to be able to identify a potentially serious problem before it can develop.  Call the office at 732-414-2683, and set up that exam.