In-Office Teeth Whitening

Are you tired of trying every toothpaste on the shelf to achieve that shattering bright smile? Come to Oakwood Dental Arts of Freehold NJ, where our professionals will most certainly help you brighten up your teeth. If you feel self-conscious about your run-down smile, or believe that tarnished, yellow and discolored teeth are putting the brakes on aspects of everyday life, the teeth whitening procedure provided by Oakwood Dental Arts can serve as a possible solution to your problem at hand. As one of Freehold NJ premiere cosmetic dentistry practices, we have aided many residents of the Freehold area to achieve that perfect white, bright, and beautiful smile that they have impatiently awaited for. Whitening is becoming quite the hotspot and most popular aspect of cosmetic dentistry, and the professionals at Oakwood Dental Arts have utilized various methods of the most cutting-edge, effective and technologically advanced forms of whitening to achieve complete satisfaction among our patients and provide them with those bright pearly whites that they deserve!

At Oakwood Dental Arts of Freehold NJ, one of our most popular services we offer our patients is in office teeth whitening. Most of our patients favor our in office teeth whitening services due to the fact that it offers the quickest results and the patient is being taken care of by the dental professional. When starting the in office whitening procedure, your dentist will begin by pumicing your teeth to eliminate any excess plaque that may have built up onto your teeth. This is followed by the application of a whitening solution onto your teeth, as to which a curing light or laser will be placed close to your teeth to heat and activate the solution. The solution will remain on your teeth about an hour. When the desired hue of white is reached, the dental professional will then rinse off your teeth with a fluoride solution that will ease any sensitivity your teeth may have experienced during the procedure. Most of the time, the in office teeth whitening is completed in just one visit, however, depending upon how tainted the patient’s teeth may be, it will probably require more than one visit to acquire the desired hue of white for your smile. For the patients convenience, Oakwood Dental Arts of Freehold NJ also offers professional at-home whitening kits. This way the patients will receive top quality results with a “do it yourself” whitening kit. Therefore, your dentist will provide you with all the materials necessary, such as trays, mouth pieces and teeth whitening gel for you to acquire that bright smile that you’ve always wanted!

To ensure that our patients receive the best and most affordable teeth whitening there is, Oakwood Dental Arts of Freehold NJ offers a plethora of pricing specials, discounts, as well as special promotions — all without putting a hole in your pocket. Therefore, you will no longer have to fret about your run-down smile! Give Oakwood Dental Arts and they will surely accommodate you so that you will be on your way to having that beautiful smile you’ve always desired with virtually no pain, and without bringing pain to your wallet!