Have you always dreamed about having that perfect bright and straight Hollywood-esque smile, but you’d rather not walk around as a brace-face? Braces are a thing of the past, Invisalign is now the talk in dental town and could surely be the solution you’ve been looking for! Here at our office in Freehold NJ, Oakwood Dental Arts offers our top specialty is the Invisalign treatment, which is a procedure of straightening your teeth using clear aligners, that’s right they are clear! This means that you could be having a night out with friends, on a date, or at a meeting and no one (except yourself) will know that you are straightening your teeth at the moment. Invisalign is becoming the hot and popular alternative to traditional metal braces.

Invisalign invisible braces are clear, removable aligners that are placed onto your teeth, (similar to a retainer one receives after using metal braces) which will straighten them over a period of time. Most patients are partial to Invisalign versus the traditional braces for many reasons. One of the most obvious and immediate reasons is that as opposed to the traditional metal braces, that are certainly visible, the Invisalign aligners are clear and no one but yourself will detect that you are wearing them. In addition, Invisalign is crafted from clear plastic as opposed to the crafted metal braces. Whether you are an adult who dreads the idea over wearing metal braces, then Invisalign is a sure solution for you. For teenagers as well, it’s certain that with all they have going on in life — school, parties, a social life, wearing braces is probably something they are eager to try. This is wear Invisalign Teen offers a solution for them. Invisalign Teen works the same way as Invisalign does for adults, but it is crafted especially for teens! As a result, teens now also have an alternative to braces to help them get the smile they’ve wanted and boost their confidence! Another top benefit of Invisalign is that they are virtually pain free and are undoubtedly more comfortable than metal braces. Metal braces consist of brackets and wires that can cause irritation and pressure to the inside of your mouth, leaving cuts along the inside of your cheeks. On the contrary, Invisalign is crafted from smooth plastic that will guarantee virtually no pain and ultimate patient satisfaction. The Invisalign aligners are also removable, which is also a big plus in that you don’t have to restrict yourself from your favorites foods, as one may have to do with the traditional metal braces (due to the fact that food could get caught in between the wiring of the braces). When brushing your teeth and flossing, metal braces makes it somewhat of a challenge because the metal brackets are glued on top of most of the tooth. The outcome of this could be discoloration of your teeth, as well as possible tooth decay and gum disease. With Invisalign, all you have to do is just remove the aligners before you eat, brush your teeth and then put them right back in your mouth. Invisalign makes it convenient and easy for you to enjoy your favorite foods as well as maintaining good oral hygiene.

From the time you first start the Invisalign treatment, within a short amount of time you will start to see changes happening to your smile. Over the length of time of your treatment, you will without a doubt notice your smile looking at its utmost best! Our dental professionals will create a personalized treatment plan based on your case and will plan out the movement of your teeth so that your results will come to be nothing but perfection. The Invisalign aligners will shift your teeth little by little based upon the plan that the dentist has created for you. Every two weeks, you will replace your aligners with new ones until your straightening process is complete and you have achieved that “picture perfect” smile!

If you believe that your distorted teeth are keeping you from enjoying aspects in your life, call Oakwood Dental Arts of Freehold NJ to consult with a dental professional about how the Invisalign invisible braces treatment could be the start to another outlook on life. As one of the prevailing dentists of Freehold NJ, we are adamant in our beliefs that the Invisalign invisible braces are one of the most easiest and satisfaction guaranteed methods that cosmetic dentistry has to offer. Stop by the office or give them a call and Oakwood Dental Arts of Freehold NJ will enlighten you on how Invisalign could turn your smile from “drab“ to “fab“, one aligner at a time.