Everything you should know about Winter discomfort

Weather you enjoy the cold weather or not a fan, the low degrees may tell you something is wrong with your oral hygiene.  The cold weather can be a blessing is disguise because, in most cases, it causes mouth sensitivity sending you to the dentist to find out what’s wrong.

Many times when a patient comes to Oakwood Dental Arts from pain recognized in the cold weather, it tends to be a problem they had no knowledge it was from the mistakes they were making to protect themselves,.  Pain from the cold can be caused by many factors such as, cavities, weakened enamel, gum recession, gingivitis, cracked teeth and a few other minor ones.

If you’re just having some minor tooth sensitivity from the cold, there are a few tips and tricks to help

  1. Hot before Iced: Try to drink warm beverages during the cold winter months.  This can slow down the temperature change in your jaw giving you more time without pain.
  2. Nose goes: Inhale through your nose as best you can.  When breathing through your mouth, the cold weather is getting direct access to your teeth causing sensitivity right away.
  3. Take cover: The best way to protect your teeth during the winter is to wear a scarf around your mouth when you are outside. It will keep the heat in and even help with chapped lips.
  4. Paste precaution: During the cold winter months, Dentists recommend that patients switch their toothpaste to sensitive. This toothpaste will still do the job when brushing your teeth, but won’t wear as much giving you comfort during the cold.

If a patient is using the previous tips and still has oral discomfort, it is advised that they come to Oakwood Dental Arts for an oral examination. The cold may be bitter but it can end up doing you some good.