How much do you know about Cavities?

We hear it all the time, but are we aware of what the word “cavity” means? When your Oakwood Dental Arts dentist gives you an oral examination, the first thing looked for is cavities. Cavities happen when bacteria in the mouth causes tooth decay. This tooth decay causes a hole and can get worse overtime if not repaired.

We know that the solution to cavities is to get a filling. When you schedule an appointment with your Oakwood dentist, you will be treated for your cavity by having it filled in. Some patients have pain depending on how deep the tooth has been decayed. This can be solved with an offered anesthetic.

If you feel pain when chewing, you should visit Oakwood Dental Arts where we can help you at any of our offices by giving you a simple X-ray and examination to determine the problem and to help in any way we can.