Fear Of The Dentist? Not Anymore

It is not uncommon for someone to have anxiety when going to the dentist office at any age, but going to the dentist should not be associated with anything bad.  For adults, this fear statistically comes from past experiences, pain they have, and possibly embarrassment which is nothing to keep you from going to your dentist.

Children have dental fears as well, which often is because they associate the dentist office with their pediatrician.  To ease your child’s mind, it is possible to try and encourage them with dental related activities and remind them it is nothing like going to the doctors for a checkup. When I was younger I was not too fond of going to the dentist but my mother would hype up how nice my teeth would be after which I would then make me look forward to looking at my teeth in the mirror and show everyone how clean they were. We also would take a trip to the store after where my mother would allow me to choose a new toothbrush and toothpaste with whichever color and/or character I wanted.

Doing this with your child can not only ease their mind but make them excited to visit their friendly Oakwood Dental Arts Dentist.