Feast on Fall Foods and Reap Improved Oral Health

Did you know that some of your favorite foods that are abundantly available in the fall season can benefit your oral health? The dentists in Freehold NJ at Oakwood Dental Arts offer ideas for ways to enjoy tasty autumn treats—and save your teeth while you’re at it.

Pumpkin is sweet and delicious, so it’s no wonder that pumpkin flavored coffee, cream cheese, pies and donuts are everywhere you look this time of year. While many of these items only offer great flavor, the fruit itself actually provides beneficial vitamins and minerals that are necessary for oral health. With a high Vitamin A content, pumpkin can help in healing damaged or inflamed gums and oral tissues. Additionally, Pumpkin contains Vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and can protect the mouth from infection. The Vitamin B found in pumpkin is responsible for many oral health benefits, such as protection against mouth sores, bad breath and gum recession. Tooth enamel is dependent on minerals, making the iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus found in pumpkin crucial for strength and protection of the delicate dentin underneath. Pumpkin pulp, seeds and even oil contain these valuable nutrients.

Apples are also a fall favorite. They offer vast nutritional benefits and are equally delicious, possibly due in part to their sugar content. While many might assume this can negatively affect teeth, chewing a crunchy apple, which has a high water content, actually stimulates the production of saliva; this in turn washes bacteria and acids from the teeth.

When it comes to dessert, bring on the nutty goodness. Walnuts have so many beneficial vitamins and minerals that are great for your overall and oral health. To beat the chill, try green or black tea this time of year. With a high concentration of polyphenols, they are both potent solutions for keeping oral bacteria at bay. If you’re bothered by the bitterness, opt for bacteria-killing xylitol, a natural sweetener, over traditionally used sugar.

You can feel confident when indulging in these seasonal delights throughout the holidays with the approval of your dentist in Freehold NJ’s Oakwood Dental Arts. Making healthy food choices inbetween visits is important to maintaining oral health; but the only way to ensure healthy teeth for life is to receive regular cleanings and checkups. Make sure to schedule an appointment soon and keep that smile looking fabulous!