How Halloween Candy Affects Your Teeth 

Halloween is not so far away, and most likely you will devour all the candies you can find. But consuming a lot of sugar isn’t healthy, especially when eaten for an extended period. The reason is crystal – when eaten for an extended period, the harmful acids can dig holes into your dental enamel, known as a cavity.

Think about it; your mouth is filled with tons of good and bad bacteria-fighting an endless battle of dominance. When you eat candy, you’re merely feeding the bad bacteria that causes havoc on your teeth.

The good thing is: you can do something about it by following a good oral regime. We understand that eating candy is synonymous with Halloween, so you don’t have to throw the candies all away if you can do any of this:

  1. Brush Immediately After Eating A Candy

When you eat candy, it takes the bad bacteria approximately twenty minutes to release the harmful acids. If you can eat quickly and brush your teeth, you have discovered an incredible hack that will serve you many Halloween to come.

  2. Drink more water than often

You might not know this, but water has the astonishing ability to prevent and reverse the effects of tooth decay. Once you’re done brushing your teeth, drinking water will help protect your teeth. However, do this more often throughout the day for the best result. Aside from protecting your teeth, drinking more water can be healthy overall.

  3. Stay Away From Hard Candies

You might be wondering, WHY? Remember, this is a hack, and the time duration is twenty minutes. While you’re still trying to break the hard candies and finally devour the deliciousness, you give the bad bacteria all the time it needs to destroy your teeth. When you see hard candies, don’t fall for it no matter how delicious it looks. Flee from it!

   4. Visit Your Dentist

Another ingredient to the hack is your dentist, as his years of experience and study weren’t in vain. If you could book regular visits to your dentist, your teeth will thank you for it.

Candy is bad for your teeth, but that doesn’t warrant missing out on its deliciousness. Perhaps, the knowledge of its harmfulness adds to the appeal, like snagging the forbidden fruit and taking a huge chunky bite. 

After such a risky adventure, your dentist will ensure you came back whole and in one piece. By adding some touches here and there, you even improve your teeth the most. If you think you’re finally ready to dabble into the world of candies this coming Halloween, speak to us first by calling 718-400-9002 or filling out the contact form.