Open Mouth – Open Book

Signs of patient’s vulnerability to health risks may warrant discussion with dentist in Freehold NJ

The mouth almost tells all without even speaking a word.  What happens inside the mouth often denotes what’s going on elsewhere in the body.  Teeth, gums, tongue and palate all give clues about a person’s well-being.

The conversation with a dentist about noticeable conditions might be quite pointed.  If your experienced dentist in the Freehold NJ office of Oakwood Dental Arts expresses particular concern, be attentive and follow up on what it could mean.

Bacteria that can damage teeth and cause inflammation in gums can also find their way to the heart and cause other problems.  Researchers have found links between oral health traits and conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

There are markers in the mouth indicating a variety of risks and unhealthy habits.  Depending on the clues, your dentist might wonder about eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia or pica. Lesser-known pica involves non-food substances. Any of these can produce dental erosion.

Other signals might stem from nutrition and vitamin deficiency. The entire immune system is affected by poor nutrition, and then the body is susceptible to a host of ailments.  The mouth additionally shows effects of smoking, excessive coffee consumption and even sugars from indulgences like doughnuts.

Oral cancer is rather common, and medical treatment can bring about dry mouth and sensitive teeth. The tongue is a typical location for this kind of cancer. Major culprits are tobacco and alcohol.

Your dentist in Freehold NJ at Oakwood Dental Arts might schedule treatments that can be done in the office or suggest how to seek medical help based on the findings at your regular checkup; so make sure to diligently schedule an appointment to visit every six months.