The Effects Smoking Has On Your Mouth

We all know that there are absolutely no benefits to smoking. Knowing that there are many affect’s on the body, the mouth is a crucial one.

To start off, not only does smoking cause bad breathe and tooth discoloration, but the tobacco increases plaque build up which can cause many more health issues than most people are aware of. As plaque builds up, your mouth is unable to fight off bacteria which will then make its way to your gums. The only way for your mouth to heal from diseases is to stop smoking altogether.

Another scary focus on smoking is oral cancer. On average, 50,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer a year. At Oakwood Dental Arts, we use a VELscope which helps our Oakwood dentists detect oral cancer. According to CDC, smokers are twice as prone to gum disease as nonsmokers.

The best way to prevent oral cancer is to quit smoking altogether. Smoking concludes to the worst of mouth problems. Scheduling an appointment at Oakwood Dental Arts is the first step in keeping your mouth healthy and clean.