Freehold Dentist Wishes You A Happy Fourth

Fourth of July is filled with fireworks and celebrations and Oakwood Dental Arts of Freehold wants you to be happy, that’s why we’re here to offer a few tips to keep your teeth healthy this 4th! For starters, stay hydrated!! We know that during the holidays your consumption of alcohol may be higher than usual, and that’s understandable but make sure you’re drinking water in between, to keep your mouth healthy! Drinking water in between your “not so great” drinks can increase the amount of saliva in your mouth which cleans out the bacteria your mouth may be forming.
The next tip relates to something that many adults tend to do. Don’t use your teeth as a cutting alternative! By this, we mean, use scissors not your teeth! It is very common for a young child to ask their parents to open their sparklers packages, or to open a firecracker ice pop, or any other type of package, on the 4th of July. Don’t be lazy! We know that everyone has at least one pair of scissors in their home so don’t be shy to ask, and don’t be hesitant to get up and look for a pair! Taking a little extra time out to do this will save you a whole lot of time then having to come in and get your chipped tooth fixed! Yes, that’s right. Doing things like this can cause your teeth to chip or crack very easily, it wouldn’t be the first time we heard that story!
Our last and final tip is to always brush your teeth at the end of your day, and to floss after every meal. We understand that BBQs have been a big hit for the 4th of July and although it might be super fun, the aftermath won’t be so fun if you have to pay a trip to the dentist! We want you to enjoy your Fourth of July and not have to worry about any dental problems. The professionals here at Oakwood Dental recommend that you book an appointment before you celebrate, this way you can celebrate good teeth and the fourth of July all in one!