Happy Valentine’s Day to all from all of us at Oakwood Dental Arts!

Everyday is perfect to celebrate the ones you love. The best way to show them you care is to treat their teeth with care! Although we are used to giving certain treats, this guidee might help you decide on something better for your loved ones smile!

Stay Away:
Lollipops– a most common lollipop given out on valentine’s day is the sticky heart shaped one- keep clear of any lollipop because although they last a while for flavor, the more contact sugar has with your teeth, the higher chances of damaging them.

Sour candies- many stores sell heart shaped sour candies for valentine’s day. Not only this day, but on any given day you should try your best to stay away from sour candies. They contain almost everything bad for your teeth such as extra acids, chewiness, and stickiness causing decay.

The Best to give:
Chocolate: Studies show that dark chocolate is best for the teeth. It hardens tooth enamel and fights plaque. Stick to chocolate when craving something sweet.