New Jersey Dentist

At the New Jersey office of Oakwood Dental Arts, we offer a full array of services for our patients.  Our dental staffers are familiar with the latest technology in digital x-rays, and the intra-oral camera.  They are experts in the cosmetic dentistry techniques of Zoom whitening, air abrasion, bonding, imaging, and laser gum treatments.

We are very aware of the importance of a safe, and secure environment, and to that end we sterilize every piece of equipment that in any way comes in contact with our patients.  A water purification system is constantly at work to eliminate the risk for contamination.

Our dental professionals at Oakwood Dental in New Jersey, are constantly reading up on methods newly introduced to the dental industry.  They enroll in graduate studies, and attend seminars to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field of dentistry.  Their efforts are aimed at one result – providing their patients with the best dental care possible.

We want every patient we see to feel as though they are being treated on a personal level.  Every need is different, and our goal is to come up with a treatment plan that will meet the requirements specific to each case we encounter.  We know that many people actually dread going to the dentist, so our entire staff is committed to going the extra mile to put patients at ease and make the dental experience as pleasant as possible.

The dentists at Oakwood want to create a bond between themselves and the patients that they treat.  They consistently reach out to local patients by posting seasonal greetings and images of the staff, as well as personal family photos on their facebook pages.  The hope is that patients will come to think of their dentist not just as a professional, but as a personality that they can get to know and trust.  Promotions for oral health awareness are also posted for the benefit of our patients.  A recent one,”Sugar Awareness Week,” served as a reminder that too many sugary treats can result in damage to tooth enamel.

Making Oakwood Dentistry Arts, New Jersey your choice for all your dental needs is the way to be sure that your entire family’s dental health concerns are being met with the utmost in care and competence.  Make that first appointment today and put yourself, and your family members in the hands of our truly skilled professionals.