Dental phobia exists. If you have severe general anxiety, a sensitive gag reflex or fear due to a traumatic past medical experience, you might avoid going to the dentist entirely. While you worry about your dentist finding a serious problem that requires treatment, putting off regular checkups and cleanings actually increases the likelihood of dental conditions arising.

If you care for a mentally challenged individual, you might have difficulty taking them to the dentist as they too could have dental fears or simply be uncooperative and easily agitated. This makes it nearly impossible to safely perform necessary treatments.

Oakwood Dental Arts now offers the option of true sedation dentistry. Many dentists will offer patients a pill or nitrous oxide to make them drowsy, but these methods do not ensure that a patient will be entirely asleep. With true sedation dentistry, you will sleep comfortably and completely throughout your entire dental procedure.

As a patient of Oakwood Dental Arts, you or your loved one can feel safe in the trusted and gentle hands of our dentists, who take a compassionate approach to dental care. True sedation dentistry allows you to peacefully dream of a beautiful, healthy smile and awaken to view it before your very eyes.