Oral cancer and oral disease have become more prevalent over the years, due in part to the emergence of new risk factors. Not all dentists perform routine oral cancer screenings; but when they do, it typically consists of a head and neck exam using palpation to feel for growths in addition using reflective light on the interior of the mouth to look for tissue abnormalities.

There is now a tool that our dentists at the Freehold office of Oakwood Dental Arts are using in conjunction with traditional oral cancer examination methods to improve the likelihood of finding any abnormalities. The VELscope uses fluorescence to stimulate fluorophores in the oral tissues. The natural patterns of fluorescence seen in of the oral tissues indicate whether there are any abnormalities and tell whether further investigation is needed.

This two minute exam can help identify oral disease in its early stages when treatment is possible. At Oakwood Dental Arts in Freehold NJ, our dentists are consistently offering new technology to better serve patients and foster oral health. The VELscope can help us catch tissue abnormalities before it’s too late.